Smallest Artificial Heart

smallest things in the world

Heart diseases are consider to be the worst diseases in the world. Though there are many treatments available right now but in 2012 something magical has happened.

Dr. Robert Jarvik created the battery sized artificial heart and tested successfully on a human. It all started in 2012 when a 16 month old baby was awaiting a heart transplant. There was no donor available immediately, doctors were forced to uses Jarvik’s device. Weighing just 11 gram this world’s smallest artificial heart is an implantable pump and had only been tested on animals.

To avoid infections this device is connected with tubes and runs outside of the body. The doctors removed the baby’s heart and placed this device (Image above). Where remained 13 days inside the body.

As soon as the donor found the original heart was replaced with the device, But this operation opens new horizon for the treatment of heart diseases.

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